STILL ON FAITH: Believing versus seing (2)


History is indeed our friend, hence the following are the people who saw with their soul's eyes:

1.Thomas Edison ( inventor of filament bulb)

2. The woman of Canaan, who obtained dividend of faith without being a lawful partaker.Mt 15: 22-26

3. Blind Bartimaeus Mk.10:46

4. Martin Luther King ("I have a dream", black activist)

5. The Centurion.Mt. 8:8

The following are those who saw with the spirits eyes:

1. The woman with the issue of blood Luke 8:43- 45

2. Abraham, the father of faith

3. Elisha and Gehazi his servant. 2King 6:17

4. Peter ( "Flesh and blood" remark)Math.16:17

5.Anna in Siloh.

Because Faith remains greatest temptation for man, the doctrine of " to whom much is given, to whom much is expected is strictly attached to it"

If you doubt this ask Apostle Paul 2Cor.12:9 and John the Baptist.

Little wonder again why the scripture called anyone who does not believe in God "FOOL", simply because he could not see with his spirit's eyes, soul's eyes and physical eyes.

1king 6:20 And when they had come into Samaria, Elisha said, Lord, open the eyes of these men that they may see. And the Lord opened their eyes, and they saw. Behold, they were in the midst of Samaria!

Anyone who could not see with any of the three level eyes is as good as one without sanity! A blind man should have excuse of not believing God, because he can't see with his physical eyes, but what of his soul's and spirit's eyes, blind Bathemeus shall be a witness against such blind on the day of judgement. Little wonder again it will be very difficult for anyone to have excuse to escape consequence of neglecting the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, because the three form of eyes shall form a cloud of witnesses against such person! Hebrew 12:1

Seing is believing and believing is seing indeed!!!

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