JUDGES 6 : 25 - 30.


As far as Destiny Liberation Refinement Ministry International is concerned, 2024 is not a year to be confused. It's not a year to be unsure nor skeptical. God has been gracious towards us in revealing to us His mind and intention for us. It is a year to be lifted supernaturally. It is a year in which our lives must experience new and better things. "Psalm 87:3; Glorious things are spoken of you, o city of God!" It is a year in which great and glorious things must be spoken of us. We mustn't be confused nor unsure. You especially. Yes. You. You must be deliberate. You must be deliberate and clear in your soul about this. 

When you walk with God with all your body, soul, and spirit, with all your mind, strength, and heart, then your life must experience new and better things. If you will decide to be deliberate in your walk with God in this Year Of Supernatural Lifting, it is then only natural for great and glorious things to be spoken of you. You might even get a change of name. Gideon did. Because of his deliberate mindset about following God's instructions of destroying the altar of idolatry of his father's house, indeed he got a new name for it. 

verse 27: So Gideon took ten men from among his servants and did as the LORD had said to him. But because he feared his father's household and the men of the city too much to do it by day, he did it by night. 


Now, set your eyes on Gideon's limitation; his little courage as his weakness; his lack of boldness as his own limitation; but he overcame it. He wasn't brave enough to do it by day so he did it by night instead. As far as he was concerned, that altar of his father's house had to go. According to his own strength as a person (physical strength, social strength, spiritual strength, mental strength, whatever strength) he could only destroy this altar in the night that he knew he wouldn't get any confrontation from any man. He was deliberate. The only issue that mattered was the glory of God.

An altar that exalts idols cannot give glory to Jehovah except it be broken down.
So the only thing that mattered was that that ungodly altar of his family had to go. Altars give access to spirits. An altar causes things to happen repetitively wherever it's been established. A godly altar will give access to God's power and salvation in your family while an ungodly altar will give access to demons and darkness in your family. Understanding this truth, you now see that you must be deliberate about the actual altar that you want active in your life and family. 


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