1 SAMUEL 17 : 34 - 37

The Supernatural is not as far from the natural as you'd suppose it is. It's still natural; only greater. This world is natural. But 1John chapter 4 verse 4 makes us see that He who is in us is greater than He who is in the world. 

David never read 1John chapter 4 verse 4 but he operated seriously from this spiritual truth. 

God is love, so David being godly loved his father, and he loved his father's animals. He loved them enough to dare a lion or a bear to deliver their food (David's sheep) from their hungry mouths. David always abided in God's love, he was always obeying and loving God's commandments so God was always with him.

Is God always with you? If your answer is yes then you're even more closer to the supernatural than you know. In fact, you're already supernatural. You only need to manifest it. You only need to engage it. Become more aware of it. Become more aware of it!! Become more aware of the supernatural life that the love of God has borne you into. 

Fulfilment of destiny is not like starting a movie and watching it till the end. It's a thing for the people of power. SUPER PEOPLE. 
A super-successful businessman once said: advancing in business is not natural. You must take paranormal measures to breakthrough.
Everything that grows in this natural world naturally heads to decay - (our biology should have taught us enough) so it takes supernatural effort to sustain for long a thing which by nature is going dead inevitably. So engage the supernatural today and all the remaining days of your life and your David will always be victorious in every of your battles, whether unseen or seen. 

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