The man at the top got there by lifting and remains there by lifting. Everyday the standards keep changing; each day a new bar is set; so people who are familiar with lifting recognize that the culture of lifting must be consistent for them to remain the head and nothing but the head.

Men who God lifts trust in His ability to lift them. To a confident extent, they believe that if He did it before, He'll definitely do it again.

Faith is a crucial characteristic of people that God lifts. 

If you're willing, you'll eat the good of the land.

Willingness is a chief attitude of those who cry out to the Lifter of heads for lifting. 


There exists a connection between ability and reality just as there exists a connection between power and life. Life is the capacity through which power flows. Without life you cannot know that there is power. Life is the evidence of an existent deposit of power. Without power there cannot be life. Life means power in action. 

That there is still life means that power is still available. 

The reality that a maker indeed makes things is established on the premise of his or her ability to make things. The reality that God is indeed the lifter of the heads of men is based on the fact that He truly has the power to lift men. It's what His life is all about. He lifts men from death, sin, illness, poverty, slavery, you name it... It is His own reality. Anyone crying to Him for help must be faith-filled and willing enough to let go of their own limited reality so as to key into God's reality of the possibility of lifting - then the lifting will occur: because they've thus by faith connected to the power that makes lifting available and through grace they receive this lifting. 

God is able.

Is your reality making God not able? You need faith. And faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the word of God. Fill your heart with God's word to boost your faith. Acquaint your mind with His testimonies; see what He has done before so as to better anticipate what He can do again. Know also that faith without works is dead just as the body without the spirit is dead. So, as you cry out for lifting, be ready to surrender dead weights and open your arm like a little child to her mother for you to be lifted by the One able to lift you. Surrender your reality totally to God's ability to lift up your head. 

Stay blessed and lifted.

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