I Peter 5 : 12; "By Silvanus, our faithful brother as I consider him, I have written to you briefly, exhorting and testifying that this is the true grace of God in which you stand."

The passage/text of this piece of writing is not alone "I Peter 5:12" but the whole books of "1st and 2nd Peter."

To journey with God the Lord of the whole earth fundamentally requires grace, and grace not in the sense of ice-cream and popcorn easy life kind of grace but grace in the sense of being tested by fire and escaping the lustful life of the flesh. And it must be mentioned that as awful as being "tested by fire" sounds, it is infact a privilege that an individual is qualified for this testing. It means that this individual has found grace in the sight of the Creator to walk the walk of destiny according to the hope of the glory of God which is revealed when Christ is indeed revealed in this individual in the day of visitation.

2024 is a year packed with Days of Visitations; so while some men will sleep, some men will watch; while some will in their most holy faith enjoy ice-cream and popcorn, some will in the humility of their hopes yearn for the testing of the fire.

A Day of Visitation is a day where God alone is glorified; so any vessel not glorifying God is not highlighted --- left in obscurity.

2024 is therefore a year packed full with unwarranted, hence, marvellous doings and judgements of God. 

A lot of lives will encounter upgrades in their journeys of destiny because they will stand in the true grace of God, incorruptible and undistracted by the lusts of this world. They'll walk with God as their sole source of grace and glory among all the ups and downs that 2024 will throw at them. They'll journey IN FEAR with God as the fulfillment of all their hopes as they stand strong in the grace and peace which the remembrance of the promises and Presence of the only faithful God supplies. They will be fully tapped into God as the Being of grace.

Be among.

See you in 2024.


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