ECCLESIASTES 7 : 8; The end of a thing is better than its beginning.

To begin a thing is to end a previous thing. Some-thing puts an end to no-thing. Darkness ended when light by God's word began. Indiscipline ends when self-control begins. Hopelessness ends when a promise begins. Now, the beginning of that promise is as hopeless as the hopelessness that was ended if that "beginning of that promise" is not sustained. WHAT AM I SAYING? I'm saying that the end of a thing is better than its beginning only if that thing that began finishes. By the way, have you began anything this year? 

Have you ever wondered why God, as shown in Isaiah 46 : 10, declares the end from the beginning?

Have you wondered why those who plan a thing successfully plan all the way to the end before they even begin? 

I'm saying that the end of a thing is only better than its beginning if that thing that began indeed reaches it's designed conclusion.

2024 will surely end but do you have your very own expected end that correlates with the ending of those twelve calendar months? What I am really asking is this: have you declared a Better End from a Beginning? Have you successfully planned a plan all the way to the end? With your eyes of faith, do you indeed have that Better End? Are your feet on the path towards it? Better still, let me ask this way; that journey of purpose fulfillment which you are supposed to embark upon in this beginning of 2024 which should translocate you to that expected better end of 2024, yes - that Destiny-Journey, has it begun?

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